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"I remember families walking a half an hour through the countryside by lamplight to our evening services so that they could hear the Gospel..."


- Seth Weide, visiting WELS missionary


Solo Cristo, Spanish for "Christ Alone," is a grass-roots Christian ministry Gospel-centered mission in the South American country of Paraguay. Our privately owned mission house is located in the small village of Nueva Alianza, just outside of the town of Yataity del Norte, about three hours' drive east of Asuncion.


Solo Cristo's mission is to encourage and equip the people of Paraguay in soul and body that they may become proclaimers of Christ to their neighbors.

Founded by Paraguayan native Juliana Kennell and her American husband LaVon, Solo Cristo's mission in Paraguay focuses on teaching English as a second language in public schools, training rural village Paraguayans in useful, long-term life skills that will enable them to better engage their regional economy, and building life-long relationships between the people of Paraguay and the rest of the world.


The Gospel of Christ is present everywhere in this mission. Worship services, Bible studies, and personal training provide local educators, pastors-in-training, lay assistants, and visiting WELS missionary teams opportunities to reach Paraguayans with the love of Jesus Christ combined with life-changing education. To God be the glory!

You can personally support the missionary team in Paraguay by visiting this link.



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