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Solo Cristo's mission is to reach the people of Paraguay with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With that mission as our core focus, our driving motivation, it is essential that we present and maintain a clear doctrine founded entirely on the pages of Holy Scripture.

Descargue este folleto, llamado "En Esto Creemos", ahora para aprender sobre lo que creemos.



We believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. One sacrifice for the forgiveness of all of our sins, and only one way to heaven: the death and rising of Jesus Christ.

Solo Cristo holds that:​

The Bible is entirely true.
Salvation is a gift.​
Salvation is received through faith.
Worship is a personal, loving conversation with God.
Christian education is lifelong.

Additional key points:

Faithfulness to the Word- The Word of God is our indispensable lifeline to God, and thus to our salvation. It is only in the Word that we come to know who God is or what He has done to save us. Thus without the Word we would not be able to accomplish our #1 core value, WORSHIP, or through it our mission. The first step in losing the Word is unfaithfulness to it. Our second most important value at Solo Cristo is Faithfulness to the Word of God.

The Means of Grace - The Means of Grace is the Gospel, that is, the good news of God's grace in Christ, in Word and Sacrament. Just as our life depends on healthy veins and arteries, that carry the life-giving blood and nutrients to all the organs and tissues of our bodies, so our mission, our salvation, our fellowship - our everything - depends on the Means of Grace. Word and Sacrament are the arteries that carry the life-giving gospel into the hearts of God's people, that we have the ability to carry out our mission.

Our Youth - Solo Cristo, as a mission extension of Ascension Lutheran Church and the WELS organization, is a forward looking group of believers, looking forward to eternity in heaven, and to the mission we have before we get there. Central to our identity and purpose then are the Youth God has entrusted to us. The youth are the future of God's church, and as a key part of our worship of God (our first value in the list), we hold the training and instruction of youth as a key core value.

Prayer - We pray because prayer is a key component of worship, and is answered in the Word. We recognize that our power and abilities both as individuals and as a congregation are limited, so we hold prayer as a vital core value. Through prayer we tap into the limitless power of our God to accomplish our mission, and at the same time acknowledge our faith and trust in God.

For a more detailed summary of our faith, visit our US home church's website (Ascension Lutheran in Sarasota, FL) at

Descargue este folleto, llamado "En Esto Creemos", ahora para aprender sobre lo que creemos.


Download this Spanish language booklet, called "What We Believe," now to learn about what we believe.

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