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Mission Trip July 2019

The Paraguay mission trip of July 2019 was something that definitely had a profound impact on me and I’m sure my three partners as well. We came not really knowing what to expect or how it would go and we left with our hearts full and grateful after spending two weeks with the people of Yataity del Norte. We were originally planning to teach English in the local school but with flooding closing the schools we had more of a focus on helping out the nearby farmers. This led to us spending a lot of time with the local people, including lots of refreshing tereré breaks together! They invited us into their homes with such warmth and fed us with local traditional food grown right around us. I do not think one could find a more authentic experience of Paraguayan culture. They even taught us some phrases in Guarani, which where we were located was just as widely spoken as Spanish. We had the opportunity to share our faith in many conversations while going throughout our days as well as hosting two worship services. I remember families walking a half an hour through the countryside by lamplight to our evening services so that they could hear the Gospel. Many people were quite hungry to know more about Christ and it was such an encouragement to our own faiths as well. I will always keep the mission in Paraguay in my prayers and I hope to continue to stay in contact with my brothers and sisters in Christ from there.

-Seth Weide

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Mission Trip July 2019

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Kelly Warner
Kelly Warner
Jun 13, 2020

Really great summary of your experience there. Thank you for sharing, Seth!

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