Solo Cristo's founder Juliana Kennell featured in the August 2019 Edition of "Forward in Christ"

Solo Cristo's founder Juliana Kennell is honored to be featured in the WELS publication "Forward in Christ" in an article written by Rachel Hartman. Here's an excerpt; full link below:

"LaVon and Juliana kept making trips to Paraguay and discovered they could help those living there. The elementary school, for instance, had a green board that was nearly the same color as the chalk they used. This made it difficult to read what was written on the board. The couple came up with an idea to take slate–colored paint for the board when they next visited.

During following visits, Juliana brought clothes and supplies for family members, friends, and community members. “We started helping people,” she says. On one occasion, the family noticed that elementary children were drawing water from an open well every day for school. They helped oversee a project to put in a cistern and change the well structure, making it an operation that used gravity to draw water. This created a safer source of water for the children who used the well every day."

Check out the full article at the official Wisconsin Synod website at


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