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Solo Cristo, Spanish for "Christ Alone," is a grass-roots Christian ministry Gospel-centered mission in the South American country of Paraguay. Our privately owned mission house is located in the small village of Nueva Alianza, just outside of the town of Yataity del Norte, about three hours' drive east of Asuncion, Paraguay. Our goal is to share Christ's love with the people of this beautiful nation.


Learn more about Solo Cristo and our mission in the FAQ below.



  • Who started the Solo Cristo mission, and when was it built?"
    Juliana Kennell was raised in Asuncion, Paraguay. A Sarasota, FL, USA resident now of over 15 years and married to her husband LaVon for 11 years, Julie first came to know the love and forgiveness that God freely gives her through Jesus. Our shared Christian mission has been to carry that same message of comfort to Julie's friends, family, and community back home in Paraguay. God's blessings of connections, time, and talent are clearly turning this vision into successful action. In 2018, primary construction on our mission house in the village of Nueva Alianza, just outside Yataity del Norte, was complete.
  • Is Solo Cristo a non-profit organization?
    Solo Cristo is a mission extension of Ascension Lutheran Church of Sarasota, Florida, USA, a Section 501(c)(3) organization.
  • What are the religious beliefs held and taught by the Solo Cristo mission team?
    Learn about our faith in detail here.
  • Do you have any t-shirts or Solo Cristo clothing available? I'd like to support you!
    We definitely can appreciate the value of cool clothing for supporting this mission in your own community... and abroad! Check out our merch offering here, and thank you for supporting the Paraguay mission!
  • How can I get involved?
    Prayer, connection, and contribution through our apparel web store or direct giving are always welcome. You can learn more by contacting us at
  • What exactly does Solo Cristo do in Paraguay?
    Our mission work in Paraguay focuses on teaching English as a second language in a number of schools in and around the village, training local Paraguayans in useful, long-term life skills that will enable them to better engage their regional economy, and build life-long relationships between the youth of Paraguay and the rest of the world. Through all of this the Gospel of Christ is shared, services and Bible studies are conducted, and training provides local educators, pastors-in-training, and assistants to further the Paraguayan mission effort.
  • What is the mission house like?
    The mission how was built by Juliana and LaVon Kennell with financial support from Ascension Lutheran Church. Recently built from the ground up as a meeting place for families and the Word of God, the facility is a beautiful, custom-designed residence with full kitchen, two bathrooms, four bedrooms, and a large great room frequently used for worship, classes, meals with locals, and movie nights, where a blend of distinctly Christian and family-friendly, child-appropriate films are shown and always well received!
  • What denomination/organization is Solo Cristo affiliated with?
    Our founders, husband and wife team Juliana and LaVon Kennell, are members of Ascension Lutheran Church in Sarasota, Florida, USA. Juliana, LaVon, and the members of Ascension Lutheran Church belong to a national group of Lutherans called WELS, or the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod ("Synod" is a word that means "walking together" and refers the global body of believers with whom we are fully united in faith). The Solo Cristo mission effort is endorsed and actively supported by both Ascension's congregation and the WELS organization and its members. WELS is a traditional, Bible-based Christian organization with a many-decades long tradition of mission work and life skills education around the world. More about WELS at, and you can find our Sarasota home church at
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