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Mission Trip July 2019

I will never forget the two weeks I spent in Paraguay. My three partners and I planned on teaching English in the local school, but severe flooding caused the school to close for the time being. We were still able to help out, however. In the mornings, we helped some of the locals with their farm work; in the afternoons, we drank tereré and learned about Paraguayan culture, and at night we taught the children and teenagers English. On top of all that, we spent our time reaching out to the families around us, inviting them to a church service, which was held on both Thursdays that we were there. Everyone there was so welcoming and friendly. We received food and a warm smile everywhere we went. God is certainly watching over the people of Yataity del Norte, and I can’t wait to see how he blesses the mission there in the years to come.

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Mission Trip July 2019

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