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Returning to Paraguay Soon!

We received word from the Board that the next mission trip has been approved and funded! Next month I will be blessed to head back to the Mission House together with Mrs. Julie Kennell. The primary focus of this trip is to prepare and host a 1-day Outreach Event in the town of Ya'taity del Norte. In partnership with Academia Cristo, we will seek to gather as many residents of Ya'taity del Norte to share with them the Good News of peace through Jesus and the certain hope of eternal life through faith in Him. It is our prayer that God will move their hearts to receive the message with joy and that many of them will get signed up for the free Bible courses offered there. We are planning for a 2+ hour event: 1 hour of gospel presentation, 1 hour of introduction to and help getting signed up for Academia Cristo, then time for food, fellowship and mixers, and Q&A. Please pray that God guides and blesses this effort!

In addition, we have begun seeking support and funding to purchase a high quality, 6-8 passenger 4-wheel drive -- something perhaps like a Toyota 4Runner or Sequoia. Since 2018, we have spent thousands of dollars in taxi costs for travel within the country. Also, there have been numerous times when we have been hindered in ministry because we did not have a quality 4-wheel drive vehicle to get us through the rough roads in the bush of interior Paraguay. When traveling to bring the gospel to some indigenous tribes, the roads we cover are almost exclusively dirt roads over rough and sometime steep terrain. When it rains, these roads can easily be washed out and become impassible for any vehicle with low clearance and no 4-wheel drive. We pray that you might consider a generous gift toward this vital tool for Gospel outreach. Above all, we invite your prayers of thanks to God for allowing us the privilege to do this work, and for His blessing on our labors for His kingdom.

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